Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: SHINOBI - Global Launch

Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: SHINOBI - Global Launch
You've probably heard Moe! Ninja Girls (Downloaded over 4m times), and this new game comes from the same developer - NTT Solmare. Anime style RPG with a focus on the story mode and music.

Story (taken from the previous game version)
You're a genius ninja that hides your true identity and transfers to Mizaki School.
Surrounded by schoolgirls, you finally get the peaceful ordinary school life that you've always longed for. Through a twist of fate, you end up in a 'Ninja Seeking Club' at school to find mysteriously ninjas! As you spend your days busy with girls and club activities, you start to discover the true identities of your fellow club members... Can you unmask your favorite girl's identity? And what's the big secret behind Mizaki School?
Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: SHINOBI outfits
- Enjoy an elaborate story with over 600 chapters.
- An intuitive and strategic real-time battle system.
- A plethora of animations, pictures, and collectibles.
- Spectacular Japanese voice acting by famous voice actors.
- Various Giveaways and Events.
- No PVP for now.
Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: SHINOBI gameplay
We are proud to offer users amazing gifts as part of our RPG release celebration just by logging in every day! Also, with a special collaboration event with the original Moe! Ninja Girls and the release of Season 2 just around the corner, Moe! Ninja Girls RPG is packed with fun events that will leave users wanting for more!

We've got something for people of all tastes!

- Do you like a mix of anime, manga, and visual novels? This game is for you!
- Do you prefer RPGs, CCG, and, gachas over puzzles? This game is for you!
- Do you like enjoying a story with a cute waifu? This game is for you!
- Bad UI, slow loading, a bit ugly character models in battle, and cute art.

Difference with the original Moe! Ninja Girls version
1. RPG battle mode
2. New Arts
3. Outfits can be destroyed and need to be repaired
4. Start from the 1st season (First version already got 20 seasons)


It's all here in Moe! Ninja Girls RPG!

Actually a good story, but battles too boring. 
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