Date A Live Spirit Pledge - Pre-Registration for the Global Version

Date A Live Spirit Pledge
Date A Live Spirit Pledge - Action RPG (Side-Scrolling / Beat-'Em-Ups) based on the famous light novel series and anime - Date A Live. The game will be out on android and iOS. Global (and china server) publisher - MOONWALK HK Co., Ltd. DaL officially licensed.

Date A live Plot
To seal a Spirit's power, Shido must make each Spirit fall in love with him and make her kiss with him. As MC successfully keeps sealing more and more Spirits, he gains allies to help him with his dates with other Spirits. Shido also increases the rivalry among them for his attention and affection, much to his embarrassment.

2. Select system, put email, press on pre-reg button.

Pre-Registration rewards.
Date A Live Spirit Pledge - Pre-Registration

Full list of Date a Live: Spirit Pledge global pre-registration bonuses.
30,000 people – 50,000 gold
50,000 people – 10 Kinako Breads
100,000 people – 300 Diamonds - almost here atm.
150,000 people – 5 Date Coupons
200,000 people – 5 Fate Badges
300,000 people – Kurumi’s Astral Dress

It looks like only Japanese audio with English subtitles will be available. Servers confirmed to be global. (If someone cares, other servers that available right now - Chinese and Korean.)
The game features new dating events, Live 2D, as well as more than 200 endings with illustration and CGs from Tsunako. Players complain about too easy content, not sure if it changed in the Global version. Original server released in China on 2019-04-23.

1. Dating sim, just like in Master of Eternity.  With the improvement of favorability, players will unlock dozens of different fashions for available characters, open up more dating places and chapters.
Date A Live Spirit Pledge
2. Free Training Mode
Unlock and level up weapons used by Spirits in DAL. Pick and choose what stats to boost and what abilities to choose from the large skill tree that unlocks progressively as you level up. There are tons of combos, giving you the option to customize your Heroes.
Skill really important in this game. Apparently we can reset skills, not sure.
Date A Live Spirit Pledge skills
3. Cute chibi battle graphics. Each Spirit has a special ability with exclusive graphics and 4 kinds of special effects.
4. Co-op battles.
5. Beat-'Em-Ups gameplay style.
6. Ton's of outfits for your Spirits

No information about PVP for now.

Original Voice Actors Perfomance
Kotori Itsuka (VA: Ayana Taketatsu)
Tohka Yatogami (VA: Marina Inoue)
Origami Tobiichi (VA: Misuzu Togashi)
Yoshino (VA: Iori Nomizu)
Kurumi Tokisaki (VA: Asami Sanada)
Kaguya Yamai (VA: Maaya Uchida)
Yuzuru Yamai (VA: Sarah Emi Bridcutt)
Miku Izayoi (VA: Minori Chihara)
Mayuri (VA: Sora Amamiya)

Date A Live Spirit Pledge - Pre-Registration giveaway
In order to join the giveaway, you must like, comment, and share this post.
Prize - 50$ amazon card, 10 chances to win.


Not all countries will have access to the global server
Global is currently only licensed to countries/regions below, but we are still negotiating to expand to more countries. Please refer to the app store info when it's officially online.
Date A Live Spirit Pledge IP block

There are 7 ranks for the spirits (Heroes) in the game, ranging from B to EX, in order to increase rank, we need to farm shards.

RankCostSkill Points
B -> A5+5
A -> AA15+10
AA -> S30+15
S -> SS60+20
SS -> SSS120+30
SSS -> EX240+40

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Wiki

Q: When will Date A Live Spirit Pledge be released? 
A: The game is on the way. We will have great news about the game release soon.
Q: Where can I get the game? 
A: When it is released, Date A Live Spirit Pledge will be available for download via Appstore and google play.
Q: Where to find the latest news? 
A: Follow us on Facebook and Discord to stay up-to-date with all of our latest news.
Q: When did the project start? 
A: With 3 years of hard work, Date A Live Spirit Pledge has been released in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Korea. Currently, we are optimizing the global version and will see you soon.
Q: Will the pace of content release be faster than the other language versions of the game to catch up to them more quickly? 
A: We are the same publisher with CN version, also we are planning to have a long term operation for the global version, we are not looking into rushing events or content.


App Store - coming soon!
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