Touhou: Lost Word - First Official RPG Touhou Game on Android?! News about Global Server!

Touhou: Lost Word - First Official RPG Touhou Game
Touhou: Lost Word - Just been released today. It's a new Japanese TRPG developed by Next Ninja and published by Good Smile Company, Inc. Publisher also known for the popular game Grand Summoners.

Touhou: Lost Word (Japanese name - 東方LostWord) gives us a weird experience. We expected an action game, but got TRPG with a great story, art, and music. Too bad some menu parts outdated for sure.
Touhou: Lost Word gameplay
Global server confirmed by developers. No exact date set for now. 

1. Good art.
2. Story mode.
3. Music. 
4. Up to 6 heroes in the party (3 active heroes in battle). 
5. Players can change voice and skins (not confirmed).
Touhou: Lost Word - First Official RPG Touhou Game



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… And others coming soon!
Touhou Lost Word
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… And others coming soon!

Some names can be wrong.

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