Epic Seven - Collab, SC Ras, ML Haste, ML Tenebria, and Destina skins

Tamarinne, Karin, and Arky are here to welcome our Heirs!
Smilegate did a livestream early today and announced upcoming updates. Collab information, SC Ras, ML Haste, ML Tenebria and Destina skins, Nixed’s Sanctum Zone 4, Hunt Stage 12 & 13 Improvements, and new packs.

Orbis regains peace after the Archdemon War. However, circumstances soon bring about chaos once again, while at the same time, visitors from another world start to appear in Ritania...
guilty gear collab rerun epic seven
■ Availability
4/30 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 5/21 (Thu) 02:59 UTCMain Rewards: 4★ Artifact, Portrait of the Saviors - one of the best artifacts in Epic Seven for Cleave teams.

New hero - Elphelt Valentine will be available from 5/14 (Thu) after the maintenance and only in gacha.

SC Ras
Ras - main hero in Epic Seven. Countless players asked for his SC and we finally got it.
SC Ras epic seven
epic seven sc ras animation

[Rune Enhancement Results]
The rune enhancement effects are according to the maximum enhancement standard. 

Increases Health by 20%. 

Increases damage dealt by X-Slash by 10%. 

- Increases Speed by 6. 

Increases Effectiveness by 25%. 

- Has a 100% chance to grant immunity to the caster and the ally with the highest Attack for 2 turns when using Command Strike.

- Increases Effect Resistance of all allies by 5%.

- Has a 100% chance to increase Combat Readiness of the caster by 10% when using X-Slash.

- Has a 100% chance to increase Combat Readiness of the caster by 20% when using Purifying Flame.

- Increases the amount of Health recovered by 100% when using Purifying Flame.

- Has a 60% chance to decrease Defense of the target for 1 turn when using Command Strike.

Full source.

Blook Moon Haste (ML)

ML Tenebria skin
Players can get him from arena or buy for skin tickets later.
ML Tenebria skin
Destina skin available in the Epic Pass Picnic 2020
Epic Pass Picnic 2020
epic seven destina skin
Nixed’s Sanctum Zone 4, Icicle Cave, is now available.
Get past the obstacles, and find the path that will lead you deep inside.

■ Entry Condition
Clear the path leading to Icicle Cave from Zone 3 Mountain Valley.

■ Entry Currency
Labyrinth Compass x1

Hunt Stage 12 & 13 Improvements■ Lv.70 Equipment Drop Rate Adjustments 
- Hunt Stages 11 & 12: The drop rate for Lv.70 equipment will be decreased. 
- Hunt Stage 13: Lv.70 equipment will no longer drop from this stage. 

■ Equipment Crafting and Reforging Materials Adjustments
- Equipment Crafting Material: Guaranteed 1st Wave Drop in Hunt stages 11~13. 
- Equipment Reforging Material: Possibility to be rewarded in the 2nd Wave for Hunt Stages 11~13.

Event Artifact - A Song for EverybodyThe 4
 event Artifact, A Song for Everybody, will be added.  
Players will receive this Artifact as a reward in the ‘Guilty Gear Collaboration Celebration 7 Day Check-In Event’.  
Event Artifact - A Song for Everybody

+ new packs and 50% Exp boosters for 100 gems.
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