Chinese Company Used Heroes from Epic Seven in Their PC Game

Book of Yog (依盖之书
Chinese Company - QiHeShe Technology Co.Ltd used heroes from Epic Seven, Destiny Child, and several other games in their PC Game - Book of Yog.

To tell the trust I'm not sure if we ever see this game out. Steam store page always say - "wait 4 weeks". At least for the last several months.

Description from steam -

The Book of Yog (依盖之书) is a 3D idle RPG game presenting with Cel-Shading skills. You can call heroes, develop the kingdom and explore secrets of the lost world. Dozens of heroes, hundreds of skills, thousands of equipment, free combinations, come and form the most powerful team that belongs to you!
The Book of Yog 依盖之书 bellona
1. With the effort-saving design that allows automatic gaming, plus the complex equipment, skill & hero system, there is no need to waste time on meaningless fighting and upgrading. The only thing you need to consider is your strategy and the combination of heroes, and the game itself will take care of the rest!
2. There are more than 40 heroes (16 open in the EA version) available for choosing, which fall in 6 categories: guardians, cabalists, pioneers, auxiliaries, snipers & assassins. There are multiple heroes to be chosen in each category, and each hero has unique skills, fighting modes, and growth systems. Enthusiasts of simulation games must not miss this!
3. Players can collect skill gems and match them freely according to their needs to create a variety of interesting skill combinations, which greatly improves strategic complexity and fun of the game!
4. The game has plenty of team combinations, as well as flexible and changeable level settings, which makes the game strategically challenging!
5. With numerous ways of collection, players can collect materials to make their desired equipment, props, and even heroes!
6. Monsters& equipment are randomly generated, which makes every battle unexpected and interesting!
7. Players now can experience the fun of drawing cards on the computer, without having to buy credits nor to play the game for hours and hours. Just start the game, and you can draw cards!
8. With the sandbox house construction system, players can DIY their own homes and enjoy a relaxing time! (In development, not been opened yet)
9. Plenty of playing methods and level systems will continue to be released!

The Book of Yog gameplay
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