Gate Six: Cyber Persona - Service Discontinuance Announcement

Gate Six: Cyber Persona - Service Discontinuance Announcement
Gate Six: Cyber Persona - is a sci-fi TRPG published by FLERO Games in 2019. After first update everything stopped for a half year and now the publisher finally announced closure.
Overall cyber persona has been fine game, very good looking heroes design, ok combat system, but lack of updates and communication with developers killed it. Basically DOA (Dead On Arrival).
Gate Six: Cyber Persona closure

Your future awaits behind Gate Six!
Greetings from GATE SIX : CYBER PERSONA.

We would like to inform that we will discontinue the service of Gate Six on the 25th of May 2020.

We are very sorry to announce such bad news to everyone who loves Gate Six.

We have spent such a long time together.
We wanted to give you a memorable gaming experience for a long time.
However, it is difficult to maintain the service under various circumstances.
After careful consideration and discussion, we have decided to discontinue the game's service.

We deeply apologize and thank you everyone who have stayed with us.

Although Gate Six is discontinued,
I wish all the good memories we had would stay for a long time.

Please check the details below for the service discontinuance schedule.

[Gate Six Service Discontinuance Date]

■ Game Service Discontinuance: 25th May 2020 (UTC+9)
■ Payment Service restriction: 27th April 2020 (UTC+9)
■ App(game) download restriction: 8th May 2020 (UTC+9)

We appreciate all your love for Gate Six. (_ _)

Thank you


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