One Punch Man: Road to Hero - Global Server Pre-Registration
One Punch Man:Road to Hero is a mobile turn-base RPG with an official license from the popular Japanese anime. Players can train and battle with original characters from the series with incredible skills and countless character combinations! Come fight side by side with Saitama!

The One Punch Man mobile game pre-registration is now officially open! Leave your email address to receive first-hand info about the games release! You'll also get the chance to receive a 1000% rebate gift pack! Pre-register now for an early bird in-game package !
One Punch Man: Road to Hero - voice actors
The officially authorized One Punch Man mobile game! Fight for
justice with Saitama!

The original voice acting and style, relive the story for yourself!

Original characters, faithfully reproduced!

Handpick and train your own team of heroes.

Intense combat with insane combos, conquer evil in strategic
arena battles.

This looks far worse compared to latest OPM china game

The official One Punch Man:Road to Hero Facebook and Twitter accounts are finally here!
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