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60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG
60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG, new mobile idle game similar to Endless Frontier. Global version out on May 21, 2019. Korean version (60초 용사) out on November 8, 2018.

Earth just got destroyed... but don't worry!
Sign a contract with Time Goddess to rewind the time!
Now it's your turn to become a hero and save the planet!

Gameplay just like in Endless Frontier - endless rebirth, pvp, tower, guild content, dungeons.
Upcoming features - Raid (already in KR) and Guild War.

In 60 seconds hero you can get heroes from America, Asia, Europe and Africa.
Korean version already got several collabs. Tower of God collab for example.
60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG tower of god collab
60 Second Hero Reroll
1. Install Nox / LDPlayer
2. Add google account (I suggest to use not your main google account, but a new account)
3. Install game, login as guest, skip tutorial and get all rewards from mail.
4. Now decide which hero you want, select summon tab and start summon. 5* hero cost 3k Diamonds.
Wasted all Diamonds and didn't get hero you want?
5. Open settings and cancel membership. (you can skip this part)
6. Open Nox Multi-Drive or LDMultiPlayer, delete used emulator.
60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG reroll
7. Now press on add emulator and create new emulator.
Repeat from 2nd step.

Nicknames unique, for reroll I suggest to use random nickname. After you get unit that you want, you can change nickname for 500 Diamonds.

You can actually re-link google account.
YOU WILL LOST GAME ACCOUNT THAT LINKED. Do it only if you want to change game account.
1. Logout from google account in game settings.
2. Enter Guest account that you want to link.
3. In setting link to google.
account from 1st step will be lost
60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG party
5 Star Heroes Rates. Higher cost = more rare unit.
1.5m - easy.
1.6m - average.
1.8m - rare. (Alex Jr.)
2m - very rare. (Aria)
It's only for global version, KR version also have collab units.

Check events page for information about Summon UP events. Chances for rare and very rare units very low.
(easy, average, rare and very rare titles made by myself. Officially they written only as numbers aka salary)

Alex Jr. very OP atm.

Daily mission - 210 Diamonds.
PVP - 590 Diamonds/week (If you in top 30%)
Evil Lord - 1180 Diamonds/week (If you in top 30%)
Guild Ranking - 590 Diamonds/week (If you in top 30%)
Collection Event - 600 gems and random 4 star hero, reset each maintenance.
+ random Diamonds from gifts and events. Also a lot gems from Achievements.

60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG premium skills
In premium tab you can lvl up permanent passives.
I suggest to lvl -
1. Medal Collector - max (20).
2. Aslan Khan's Power - max (5).
3. Memory of Rebirth -1. (1 lvl give rebirth current stage +5%, 2nd etc lvls add only +1. Maxed skill give +24%) Example - You decide to Perform Rebirth at 4k stage, with maxed passive you will start from 1k stage. Because this passive cost too much, upgrade 2+ only when you have enough Diamonds.

Random Chest
Appear on right side of the screen each 4 minutes. Disappear after several seconds if not opened.
You can get  -
1. Random amount of gold.
2. 2 Diamonds.
3. Watch add and get 30 Diamonds.

60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG - package
I suggest to buy Premium Package each month.
In 30 days you will get - 12k Diamonds, 6k Honor Coins, 3000 Mileage + 1000 Diamonds and 100 Mileage right after purchase.

For best mileage use - buy special rank up ticket for 3k Mileage.

Always buy special rank up ticket for 8k guild coins.

60 Seconds Hero on google play.
60 Seconds Hero Official Facebook Page
60 Seconds Hero Fan Discord

Coupon - hero60prereg
Work until June 25, 2019.
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