Epic Seven - Europe Server will be launched on May 30th, 2019
One of the most popular TRPG on mobile devices open new server tomorrow. If you never played before it's best time to start! New big content update will be out next month.

On May 30th, Epic Seven is excited to launch the Europe Server as well as the inclusion of Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.
We are sure that many of you are curious about this, so we will try our best to answer a few questions that you may have.

1. Will I be able to transfer my account to the Europe Server?
> We are extremely sorry but it is not possible for players to transfer their accounts to a new server, including the Europe server.

2. Will only the Europe server support the new languages?
> We are happy to announce that every server will have access to English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, French, German and Portuguese. Players can select the language they want in their language settings.

3. When will the Europe Server reset?
> The Europe Server will reset at 3:00 UTC
18:00 (UTC)
18:00 (UTC)
03:00 (UTC)
10:00 (UTC)

4. Which version of Portuguese is supported in Epic Seven?
> Epic Seven has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese.

5. Which version of Spanish is supported in Epic Seven?
> Epic Seven has been translated into Latin American Spanish.
Epic Seven - Europe Server

Best start units in epic seven. Free 5* event over, but even 3* units OP. New special change transform Montmorancy (healer) from average unit to a very important unit.

Epic Seven Gameplay

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