Qidian Authors hit by Chinese censorship
I've been wonder why half of novels disappeared from qidian.com (Chinese web novels) and after search in Chinese press I've found out why.

Looks like they got hit by a China censors again. Source: Sina, google translated.
The Chinese website has not fulfilled its management obligations on the dissemination of illegal and illegal information, and has been interviewing the responsible person of the operating company on issues such as misorientation and vulgar pornography, and ordered it to self-examine and correct itself immediately. During the rectification period, the “Urban” channel “Science Superpower” and the “N-Dimensional” section of the “Girls Network” channel were suspended for 7 days from the beginning of May 21st to May 28th. Time.
I think 'misorientation' in this quote means 'wrong direction'. Example - going against the government, LGBT, fight against religion etc.

Chinese censorship
Famous Chinese writer 跳舞 told his readers (taken from dailydot and edited)

"When I was publishing volume two, I was told that they will be delete every plot that involves the two lesbians and every their interaction!"
"I received another warning: no writing about religion!"

Let's hope Chinese government stop their war against writers.

upd 6/14/2019: comment section removed from website. I think we still can read them in app, but google translate not work in app, so it useless now for foreigners. Most novels back, except horror genre ones. I hope everything will be back... in future or on US based websites.

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