Azur Lane - European Server Coming Today!

Azur Lane - European Server Coming Today!
Azur Lane - Chinese game about ship girls, Chinese server out in May 25, 2017 and still alive. Japanese server out last year and rumors say that he way more popular than CN version. That because there like 7 Chinese ships and they all average, as for USSR ships (Chinese players also love them) atm only 1 available and to get him you must wait for server anniversary. More USSR ships coming in 1 - 2 years.

Difference between servers in global version
Avrora - NA
Lexington - SEA
Sandy - EU
Azur Lane - European Server list

People say Avrora and Lexington have same server time atm, not sure about Sandy.

Best ships.
Azur Lane best ships

Best equipment.
azur lane best gears

Best vanguard for a new server - Helena, Belfast and Cleveland.
Backline - Akagi, Kaga and Enterprise or Hood, Queen Elizabeth and Warspite.
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