Final Blade Global Server Confirmed

Final Blade Global Server Confirmed
In interview with SkyPeople (game developers) Final Blade Global server get confirmed, no information atm if 'new technologies' will be used on game servers or no. I still remember that after server related changes it become impossible for Europeans to play without KR VPN.
final blade global server

Currently available Final Blade servers - Korea and Taiwanese (Chinese).
final blade new characters
About donate in KR server, monthly VIP very important and it almost impossible to play without him. Monthly/weekly packs cost too much and not worth their price.

With VIP you can auto collect gems ($ cash) that often drop in dungeons. Heroes Skins also cost gems.

Features that I still remember -
1. Guild war (Like 5 or so guild against each other)
2. 3 PVP modes.
3. Daily dungeons with rich rewards.
4. Equipment actually important in Final Blade and it hard to get them. Even after half year I still failed to farm them.

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