Azur Lane Global Server Coming Soon

Azur Lane Global Server Coming Soon
A warship girls game: Azur Lane Chinese, Japanese and Korean servers already out. Global Server (probably located in NA) coming soon! Possible release date - Q4, 2018. Your lovely ship / fleet girls here!

Super Limited Beta test already started, if you want to get a key check twitter.
Azur Lane Global Server America Europe
Azur Lane is a warship girls game developed by a Chinese Company. Although it's a Chinese company but game become very popular in Japan (and even some Japanese people claim Azur Lane game to be a Anti-Japanese).

Features -
1. Playable ships - Destroyers (DD), Repair Ships (AR), Heavy Cruisers (CA), Light Cruisers (CL), Battleships (BB), Battlecruisers (BC), Monitors (BM) and Aviation Battleships (BBV), Aircraft Carriers (CV), Light Aircraft Carriers (CVL).
2. Marriage system (I heard some people love it...)
3. Action Battle
4. PVP

and much more.

I heard this game have censorship problems but not sure why, I mean most shipgirls or better say Fleet Girls here have too much clothes for ships o.o
Azur Lane


For more information check Reddit.

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