Destiny Child - Secret Bride, 10th Ragna Break Event
Destiny Child 10th Ragna Break - Secret Bride pre-register on!

The hidden story of a lovely bride! Secret Bride!
To all the candidates who make a reservation for ragna break season 10.
Destiny Child - Secret Bride
You will get - 3x 5* Child Summons.

Invite your friends and get prizes after Destiny Child update is complete!
Additional compensation will be given according to number of friends who accepted invitation!

1: 1,000 Crystal.
3: 2,000 Crystal.
5: 50 Blood Gems.
7: 3,000 Crystal.
10: 100 Blood Gems.

1. Enter Website
2. Press Orange Button
Destiny Child pre register kr
3. Login in Kakao Talk account (The one which you use for Destiny Child!)
4. If button turned gray you done, if it still orange press again.
Destiny Child Secret Bride
In order to get referral link you need to login in Kakao Talk and check messages. If for some reason you didn't get message, pre-register for another game and check links in messages.

Event period: July 5th - July 24th 2018.

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