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Closers Online - Founder Beta Test Date Announced

Closers Online - Right after 6 successful Alpha Tests enmasse (Publisher) announced Closed Founder Beta Test. No more wipes and Closers will be coming to Steam later this year.
Closers Online - Founder Beta
Founders can play Closers Online from 7th November. Everyone else will be allowed to play 2+ weeks later.

Founder Packs 
There are several packs - 15$, 40$, 100$ and 150$. Elite status cost 15$/month, you can play without it but it give nice buffs.
Closers Online - Founder pack

Closers Online - Founder pack 2

Closers Online - Founder pack 3

Closers Online - Founder pack 4

Changes from Alpha

There are a ton of bug fixes and localization changes going into the Closed Beta build—too many to cover here—so we’re just going to focus on a few of the biggest additions to Closed Beta.
  • The Fatigue system is weekly instead of daily! 
    • The Fatigue system now resets weekly!
    • When a character is created, it gets 170 Fatigue daily for the first seven days.
    • After the first week, you’ll get a full week’s Fatigue at the weekly reset (up to a full week’s cap). 
  • We added an Elite subscription system, with a ton of great benefits. 
    • Each day you’ll get:
      • 1 Special Operation Support
      • Skill Self Training
      • Device Enhancement
      • 10 Resurrection Capsule Charges
      • 1 additional sector entry
    • In every sector you’ll get:
      • 10% extra EXP
      • 20% extra credit
      • 10% drop bonus
      • Access to the Special Reward slot at the end of the sector (which rewards an SS-level item)
    • An Elite-only title
    • An Elite-only special chat bubble
    • Daily login rewards, such as:
      • A consumable random box
      • An ingredient random box
      • 1 Fatigue potion (60)
    • You also get the Elite-only white owl pet!
  • If you’ve applied 90 days of Elite status to your account, you’ll be upgraded to Platinum status! It’s got all the perks of Elite status, and then some. 
    • An additional 5 Resurrection Capsule charges per day
    • An additional 5% extra EXP
    • An additional 10% bonus credit
    • An additional 5% drop bonus
    • A Platinum Elite title
    • A Platinum Elite chat bubble
    • Your daily login Fatigue potion restore 100 points instead of 60
    • Your daily login rewards also grant you a cosmetic item gacha box
    • You get a more powerful black owl pet!
  • The in-game shop is now open for business! You are free to buy EMP and spend it however you like on a variety of items in our in-game store (including any EMP you already had associated with your account). You can purchase tons of consumables and costumes there for your whole crew.

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