Final Blade - June Update Information

This time we got information about both updates in June. Update schedule will be same as always, 1 update next week and 2 update in last week of June. Final Blade (파이널 블레이드).
Final Blade - June Update Information
1st Update Notes (Next week) -

1. New purple hero - 은월 적오 (Eunwol)
2. Easier to change adventure mode.
3. Can select monster grade in hero enchants mode.
4. Some changes in hero story mode, probably we can watch playback without playing again but I'm not sure.

2nd Update Notes (June 29th or around) -
1. New purple hero - Woo Shin and 4 lower stars heroes added.
2. Events (probably some cash events)
3. New system which allow to make heroes stronger (Not sure if I'm right here, hope it not another p2w since prices here a bit too crazy)
4. New 'Smithy' System allow us to synthesis / create 7 star gears.
5. World Boss added. (I hope developers will fix all bugs with raid in this update)
6. Improve and add existing content.
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