IET's Ninth Novel - 《Seeking the Flying Sword Path》 Officially Released

IET = I Eat Tomatoes, Chinese Light / Web Novel Writer. IET famous for - Coiling Dragon, The Desolate Era etc. The book is under the genre of Xianxia, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance.
Seeking the Flying Sword Path / 飞剑问道

Qidian International is very excited to announce, that this time, we're synchronizing the release with our Chinese website!! This means our readers abroad can get up-to-date translation, at the same pace with the Chinese readers!!
New Novel called - Seeking the Flying Sword Path / 飞剑问道.


This world has Fox Fairies, River Gods, Water Monsters, Great Demons and Practitioners who seek immortality. Practitioners can open their Magical Eye and See Demons and Ghosts. They can practice a flying sword that can kill enemies thousands of kilometres away. Their sharp long range eyes and sensitive ears could observe everything around them. …...
The second young master of the Qin clan, ‘Qin Yun’ is one such practitioner…

Only 2 chapters out atm,

Message from I Eat Tomatoes to Readers

To my oversea reader, hello! I am “I Eat Tomatoes”. Today, my ninth novel, Seeking the Flying Sword Path officially released. A new world will be unfolding before your eyes and I invite everyone to come join me in this journey through this novel world. We’ll adventure through the world, we’ll explore, we’ll look at the monsters and ghosts inside, we’ll look at the talisman and spells within, we’ll see the innate talents and curses ….This book will be updated on Qidian, Gravity Tales, as well as Qidian International. I’d like to thank my oversea readers for their support and I believe that this novel will bring to you guys a new type of exciting experience.

Seeking the Flying Sword Path on Qidian International

We can expect to see up to 10 chs / week. 
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