X-Legend Announces New Mobile Game - Astral Crown

Although it another X-Legend Entertainment mobile game, maybe this time it'll work. Astral Crown developed by team which have been responsible for Astral Realm.
Astral Crown
In Astral Crown player must choose one of the 4 Kingdoms, develop territory, become 'whale' (Spend all your cash) and then become final winner in the war. Game Will be out on Android and iOS.

Features (What we know for now)
1. Very good storyline.
2. National War System.
3. Territory competition.
4 Kingdoms
Astral Crown 4 Kingdoms
Astral Crown will focus on Large-Scale Wars, CBT (Only Taiwanese) Pre-Registration start very soon. Don't expect too much from X-Legend or this game. You can read storyline here.
Official Website

Astral Crown devil

Astral Crown evil spirit eye

Astral Crown map

Astral Crown goddess
Astral Crown hero

Astral Crown female

Astral Crown fairy

Astral Crown empire
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