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Qidian - popular light novels platform in China. Qidian International - global version of it, at first they just wanted to check oversea market and didn't take seriously it but after few months they decide to fully control it. Is it good for us? I'd say wait and see.
Qidian Copyright WuxiaWorld

Qidian's Announcement 

As we all know that Qidian is the most popular platform of original online literature both in China and worldwide. From its establishment to this very day we have always chosen to stand side-by-side with our authors and consider their copyrights as the foundation of this industry. For the sake of cooperation, we’ve always maintained an open and welcoming attitude. This is especially true as we enter the global market; we find our works have been voluntarily translated by fan translators, and we truly appreciate their enthusiasm. As such, we’ve been actively looking for potential partners be they individual translators, translation groups or formal business organizations like WuxiaWorld, and we are more than willing to offer them the possibility of cooperation. It is our hope to reach a state of agreement and cooperation with content, traffic and software offerings while protecting our authors' rights.

About six months ago, we launched the Qidian International program. On the premise of cooperation and mutual benefit, we’ve reached agreements with several translation groups, and we’ve realized these mutual benefits by making sure our partner translation groups and independent translators can publish their work on both of Qidian International’s official site and their personal ones. This kind of shared content has gradually been adopted by more and more translators.

For the past six months, a growing number of independent translators and translation groups have started to make a living while pursuing their dreams and hobbies with the safety of not needing to worry about their income, and some of the translators even have taken it as their full-time job and livelihood. This is exactly the aspiration we hoped to nurture fifteen years ago when we made up our mind to support the development of online Chinese literature worldwide. In 2016, China Readings shared over hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties with our writers. We are looking forward to the rapid growth that the webnovel translation market will be able to achieve just as the original webnovel market achieved. (http://www.donews.com/news/detail/4/2945961.html
As Qidian International, incubating and developing the market will be always our first priority rather than profit gaining. We plan to invest over 10 million dollars in next few years to build a better ecosystem for all webnovel translators and editors.
To achieve this goal, Qidian International(www.webnovel.com)will be implementing the following plans:
1. Opening the library to all fan translators. With the help of our platform, fan translators are able to translate any stories within our public library for free. We hope that even more extraordinary translations will emerge in this open environment

2. Exploring potential business models and increasing translators’ returns. We plan to officially release ad revenue sharing and support translators and editors to be able to connect to their own Patreon pages. Translators who have the intention of long-term cooperation can be released from the shackles of economic concerns. We are looking forward to seeing some amazing translators who we expect will be able to earn over tens of thousands of dollars monthly with their work.

3. Welfare and growth system for translators & editors. For the translators and editors who have joined us, we will provide them with a well-established welfare and growth system, which includes but is not limited to exchange activities held regularly around the world (our Global Translator Exchange Plan), and daily encouragement such as benefits and gifts for birthdays, holiday, work, etc.

4. Global Multi-Language Plan. We have officially launched our Global Multi-Language Plan. In addition to English, we warmly welcome translators of all different languages. In the foreseeable future, great stories of ours will not be written in only Chinese and English but all languages for our fans across the world

5. Global Web Literature Superstar Development Plan. In our future cooperation, translators will get not only receive economic returns but also a career path, which includes the possibility of becoming a famous figure in web literature, nurtured and supported by Qidian International. Translators and editors will also share the opportunity to work with story writers to join the making of adaptations in screenplays & movies, animations, and other products. Moreover, Qidian has also reached a global strategic cooperation agreement with Amazon. We will be providing a huge expanded market for all translation stories.

For readers, in addition to the best reading experience plus the free novels that we’ve been serving them for so long, they can also expect these new achievements in content exploration as we continue to develop:
1. More brilliant stories. At present, Qidian International has published serials of 40 works online, and meanwhile, more works by amazing authors are being translated at this very moment, such as
Two of Fang Xiang's masterworks:
-Legend of the Mastermind,
-The Avalon Of Five Elements (Aka. Five Way Heaven),
And others like:
-History’s Number 1 Founder,
FengLinTianXia’s new story:
-I AM Supreme which will be released globally with its Chinese raw at same time. Furthermore, we plan to work with all the translators to finish translating at least over 100 excellent works of high quality and active updates this year.

2. Global exchange. We’re scheduled to set up a global platform for readers, translators, and writers to exchange ideas directly, and we also believe it’s necessary for western and eastern readers to communicate with each other.

3. Derivative entertainment products. Our goal has always been to reach ‘Beyond the Pages’, and that’s the reason we will be exploring more adaptions in animation and cartoons. The animation of The King’s Avatar is our first try and fortunately we’ve received a huge amount of positive feedback.

4. Multiple languages. Besides Chinese and English, Qidian International will follow the principle of internationalization aiming to support readers all over the world with various local languages, clearing the obstacles of language that are stopping our readers from enjoying these amazing stories.

Last but not least, regarding the cooperation with WuxiaWorld we have to reiterate that Qidian authorized WuxiaWorld the nonexclusive right of translation for 20 of Qidian's novels, but no authorization of any kind to our works besides the 20 stories mentioned above.

We hope to build a standard copyright licensing policy that can protect the interests of both original authors and transalators. We are deeply disappointed that WuxiaWorld announced that they will continue pirating our novels. We reserve the right to pursue this matter further. In the meantime, the main focus of our work is to provide our readers with a better reading experience, and work together with all translators to give birth to more high quality translation works.

We hope we can enjoy life as well as reading with you together.

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