Final Blade - 80 Level Cap, Free 7 day Pet and More

Korean mobile game Final Blade still alive and already survived for more than 3 months, updates coming each 2~ weeks. In new update we will get new level cap, adventure zone, cute female character and much more.
Final Blade - 80 Level Cap
Full Patch Notes and New Character Skills will be out next week.

1. New purple female character.
2. Monsters from new locations.
3. Raid rewards been changed, new box will be more friendly to unlucky players.
4. Guild War / Occupation Season rewards added. (?)
5. Maximum available Characters and Items slots increased from 150 to 200.
6. 24 - 26 Adventures Zones. (I wonder if we will see purple / 7 star equipments)
7. 80 Level cap. (Increased from 70 level)
8. Missions changed.
9. Tower floors increased to 300.
10. New achievements.
11. Free 7 day Pet will be sent for all players.
12. With new features we can sell multiple characters.

Update will be out next week.
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