Twin Saga - Official Server vs Private Server

Twin Saga (Astral Realm, Astral Tale) - Anime style MMORPG published by Aeria Games and developed by X-Legend Entertainment.
Twin Saga - Official Server vs Private Server
Twin Saga - Official Server vs Private Server
Official Server OBT Late August - Early September. Private servers already up.

Remember! If you decide to register private server account your login and password must be unique!
Private servers administration can sell them (I know that some already closed private servers done that) or just be hacked.

North American Official Server -
Private Servers
1. Most popular server -

Custom Rates
    x4 EXP
    x3 Class EXP
    Double Drop from Monsters and Chests
    Double Gold Drop inside Dungeons
    x2 Professsion EXP
    Double Daily Dungeon Entries

Custom Changes
    Evolution Stones Drop in Solo Modes
    x2 Chances on Celestial Chests
    Expanded Inventory and Warehouse System
    Double Item Stacks
    Loyalty Drop from All Bosses
    Blue/Green Costume items with 3 default stats

More Content than Official Server
    New Monk and Magic Cannon Classes, fully translated!
    More Maps
    More Dungeons
    Level 65 and Class Level 70 Caps

Custom Gifts
    Daily Free AP per Login
    Welcome Pack (with costumes, exp items, consumables, mounts and event a permanent 120-Slot Inventory Backpack!)
    Montly Login Prize (new prizes every month!)
    First Donation Packs
    Recruit a Friend System
    Loyalty Program/Bonus Mall

Special Shop
    Our Item Mall and Loyalty Store is based in our own AKTO server, and not in TW or Aeria's version. This means: fully access to items in the Loyalty Store, cheaper prices and better rates!

2. Not much information about this server

Main difference between servers - rates, cash shop and content. It's always best to play in the official servers but aeria games can turn any game into P2W.

100 vs 100 PVP
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