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Soul Worker English Patch

English Patch for Soulworker Online finally out. Soul Worker Online - Anime style game developed by Liongames Korea and published by Hangame in Japan.
Soul Worker English Patch
Soul Worker Online Registration Guide
How to Install Soulworker English Patch -
1. Download latest patch from http://form1ca.ru/more/160-soulworker-english
2. Copy Formica_SoulWorker_ver1.ZIP\soulworker\datas\data12.v  to %your_game_dir%\datas\data12.v

It's better if you save original data12.v and not delete it. If something happen you can just replace it.

When updating game -
1. Stop the game update
2. Restore data12.v file without translation (you can find it in my archive)
3. Re-run the game update
if you do not, the update ruin file (if the update change it) data12.v

Example -
Soul Worker English Patch

Soulworker English Patch

Soulworker English Patch
SWHQ English patch on the way and will be available very soon.

Gameplay -

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