The Dark Side of Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior Global (Steam) version been released last month and already full of Bots, Gold Sellers, Hackers and Dupers (not confirmed). Let's check how all this work.
The Dark Side of Tree of Savior

Bots -
Most bots have nicknames like - 'sdc3cv' and work in a groups (on low levels). Each Tree of Savior account cost about 2.5$.
Example -
Mora than 10 bots in small zone. Is there less bots on high level locations? yes. Because higher level location not so good for silver farming there less bots. But what we can call high level location? 100 level?
tree of savior bots
Why high levels bots still not banned and what they're doing in 100+ level locations?
tree of savior duping
They level to get Pardoner class and to farm silver via buff shop. Now Let's check bots gears.
Its easy to farm Carifun set since it's low level set and work perfectly for cleric class. (Most bots clerics)
But to get Arde Dagger each bot must farm level 90 dungeon.

Duping -

tree of savior dupe
Most bots have 5/5 potential daggers.
Where did they get so much 5/5 daggers?
1. Auction Hall. I don't know if items from auction hall loss potential when bought but looks like no.
2. Run dungeons. Possibly, but no one see them in a party with players.
3. Duping. If they can dupe gears why they just not sell in the auction hell or trade with players?
1:1 Trade limited now.
You can trade up to 30 times per month and each time you trade gear will decrease 1 potential.
After you sold item in the Auction Hall you can get silver only after 2 days. In this 2 days GM's check your account and where did you get such item. (I think they check only high level items or the ones that cost a lot silver)

Hacks -
You can read about hacks on reddit or even official forums.
List of Hacks that we currently know -
1. Can open Pardoner shop without being Pardoner.
2. Can open Guild Create window without being Templar.
3. Teleportation. (there's 2 hacks about it, first one allow 'scroll' teleport for free and second hack possibly random teleport)
4. AOE/Range attack. Bot killing monster from long range with melee attack.

1-3 hacks been confirmed by my friends and everyone talk about 4 hack. There can be many more hacks but they not so popular as these above.
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