Figureheads - Front Mission 1st and Zendel&Sons

Figureheads - Mecha MMO Third Person Shooter published by Square Enix in Japan. Last updated brought new collaboration event and next month updates bring us tons of new stuff.
Figureheads - Front Mission 1st
April 7th update -
Collaboration event with Front Mission 1st.
Figureheads - Front Mission 1st
Play 100 PVP games to receive items above.
Figureheads - Front Mission 1st and Zendel&Sons

Figureheads  Zendel&Sons

Figureheads Front Mission
Gordon - one of the corporations in Figureheads.

April 14th update -
More information will be released about Zendel&Sons corporation.

May 14th update -
Zendel&Sons corporation Mechs and Special Equipment.
Some update (about armor property, not sure what they mean by that) to the Gordon Iron Works corporation.

May 24th update -
Zendel&Sons Weapons.
New map - Subway.
Clan match.
Clan ranking.
Cover action (?) to heavyweight mechs.

Figureheads Gameplay -
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