Revelation Online - Global Server Coming Soon

Revelation Online - Chinese MMORPG developed by Netease. On press conference that happen 2 days ago Netease announced Global server will be out later this year.
Revelation Online - Global Server
Publisher company name will be announced in May but we already know 2 things -
1. It's a European Company.
2. Global server support 4 languages - English, German, French, and Russian.
I bet it's ( since it's only big publisher which still alive in Europe and support this languages. languages
 + Russian server. Hope optimized their launcher or called coders from Russian team since last year it's been a hell. games - games
Armored Warfare very popular game but optimization sucks. Skyforge actually good but time consuming. Both games developed by companies and publishing Chinese MMORPG will be a new for them.

I can't say much about Revelation right now and it's better to wait until game full out on April 22th.
Revelation will be full out on April 22th in China with new content and better graphic. Previous Revelation version that been out on June 19th actually just soft launch.

Old version gameplay -
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