Ragnarok Online 2 - New Developer Announced

Ragnarok Online 2 just got a new developer. Ragnarok 2 been development and released in 2012 by Gravity. 4 years later game got a second chance with Warpportal.
Ragnarok Online 2 warpportal
Warpportal (North American publisher for Gravity Interactive.) decide to take over Ragnarok 2 Development.

Upcoming content -
1. Niflheim: New zones, new monsters, new quests, and more activities to explore
2. More Solo Dungeon experiences
3. S Rank Update: New Skills, stats, and other updates plus balancing!
4. New Vanity and Costume sets
5. Stat, Skill, and Formula balance and updating
6. Leveling, quest, and zone balancing and updating
7. Improvement of secondary systems such as refinement, honing, cards, DNA, and more
8. Updates to existing content such as War of Emperium, Unions, and more
9. Addressing bug problems, exploits, and feedback in a more timely manner
10. Endless, horrible, and cringeworthy puns from our CM staff
11. Adjusting Cheny, Diamonds, Scrolls, and other related content
12. Updating the Kafra Shop items and prices

Also Warpportal running an event -
Play from March 23, 2016  through May 2, 2016 and get immediate refine stones.
warpportal ragnarok 2
More information here - https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/194873-warpportal-is-taking-over-ragnarok-2-development/
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