Tree of Savior European Server Information

Tree of Savior Founder's server will be out on March 29th (2 AM, EDT). IMC Games also announced that only North American server will be open for now.
Tree of Savior European Server Information
What IMC Games wrote server situation

'We are aware that many players have been requesting regional servers. However, we have come to the conclusion that we cannot create and sustain regional servers based on the data up to this point. Please take a look at the raw purchase data provided by Steam below for your reference.
That being said, we will consider creating regional servers later down the line if we see enough support from those regions. Most importantly, we will be offering a 1-time Team transfer to regional servers if and when they are created. Only 1 Team transfer will be offered to each Steam account.'
1 Team = 1 Account. After you enter game for the first time it ask you to create team name. Team Name change cost $$.

Let's look at steam data [Sales Data from Steam]
Tree of Savior Europe
Europe - 24%
North America - 30%
And everyone know that many Europeans decide to wait until EU server will be out.

Did ping matter in this game? yes. Auto attack speed depend on ping.
So, why they hate Europeans? Because this -
Tree of Savior Europe
IMC Games still searching for a EU publisher.
Did it still worth to buy Founder's packs? if you love Tree of Savior then yes.
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