Laplace - New Celestial Spirit and Guild Territory

Laplace (拉普拉斯的神子) update bring us New Celestial Spirit (Guardian) called Minerva and Guild Territory. Currently this update available only for Taiwan server. Hong Kong server will get it next week.
laplace minerva
After war was over not all Celestial Spirits returned to the heaven, some of them become artifacts and been placed in monuments across continent to prevent demon invasion again. When they wake up they will make powerful demons tremble again.
拉普拉斯的神子 minerva
<Glorious Holy Wings> Minerva the Valkyrie
"Dryad Realm" - Guild Territory.
laplace guild territory dryad realm
To get access to guild territory your guild should reach level 3. All guild members can enter guild territory though guild interface (G). In Dryad Realm you will find guild warehouse. In the future X-LEGEND Entertainment plans to add special NPC and Guild Buff. Higher level guild will enjoy more benefits.

Also in this update we will see first 3 vs 3 arena - Frost Dragon Arena.
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