Laplace Hong Kong Registration Guide

Laplace Registration Guide (Laplace Son of God, 拉普拉斯的神子) - Hong Kong version published by Alta Games. Hong Kong server OBT will be out on March 23th. Last update - (3/22/2016)
Laplace Hong Kong Registration Guide
When you enter login/password in game be sure to do it in lowercase otherwise it not going work.
The first time you enter game will ask to put second password. Put something like - 111111 111111.

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Laplace Hong Kong Registration  -
First we need to register Alta account.
1. Enter
Laplace Hong Kong
2. Fill required information.
Laplace Hong Kong Registration
1. Login
2, 3. Password
4. A164
Enter captcha and press on the left button.
3. Click on Laplace.
拉普拉斯的神子 registration
If you get that message then everything done. Download and play game. If not, write in the comments and i update guide.
拉普拉斯的神子 hong kong
Laplace Hong Kong Download Guide.
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