Top 5 Free MMO to play on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Let's choose the five best MMO (PC and Mobile) to play on holiday.
5. Panzer Waltz
New Android game that out last month. Panzer Waltz not popular because developers forgot about advertisement but it fine since Panzer Waltz don't have any party, guild and even friend system.
World War 2 Tanks turned into... beautiful woman's and now they fight together against aliens.
panzer waltz rebecca
Seiyuu List -
panzer waltz seiyuu
Gameplay very plain and boring.
panzer waltz gameplay

4. Skyforge
You got couple and want to play together in PC MMORPG?
One of the best games for that - Skyforge. Developed by famous Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment.
+ F2P, almost non-target, very good graphic and optimization.
- Very bad character customization, game launcher sucks compared to game launcher.
Graphic -

3. Aura Kingdom
Best Anime MMORPG 2014.
Game still alive and getting updates. Latest update bring us new class - Holy Sword.
Developer: X-Legend Entertainment.
Publisher: Aeria (P2W) Games.
Aeria Games also published Dragomon Hunter last year but population died way too fast and i think aeria shut down Dragomon Hunter game later this year.

2. World of Warships
Do you love warships? no? too bad for you since new anime style warships coming for you!
world of warships
In case you missed it World of Warships allow mods and there very many anime style mods.

1. Blade and Soul
NA and EU servers finally out. Blade and Soul fast paced action game in anime style.
Game have PVP and PVE but BnS famous for 1 vs 1 arena battles. Before you download game be sure to chose game server that located close to you since ping matter in this game.

5 Games To Play On Valentine's Day
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