Master X Master Japanese Server Registration Guide

Master X Master Global Test (Japan, Korea, Taiwan only) will happen in the next month. MXM (Master X Master) - MOBA game developed by NCSoft with PVE and PVP modes.
Not sure if we will see EU server. NA server official facebook page has only 244 likes right now (Go and like it!)
Master X Master
About Asia server - I chose Japanese Master X Master Server because it free, fast and big chance that we get unique content.
Closed Beta Sign-Up - February 17th ~ March 1st
Closed Beta Testing Schedule - March 9th ~ March 22nd
Testing Hours -

Master X Master Japanese Server Registration Guide

1. Enter Master X Master website and press on the blue button.
Master X Master japan
2. Now it ask if you have account or no, if you don't have account follow step 3. If you have account and experience some troubles check last pictures in this guide or just make new account.
3. Press small registration button.
Master X Master japanese
4. Put your email and press button
Master X Master japan server
After that check email and copy code.
Master X Master japanese server
5.  Fill required information.
Master X Master registration guide
1. Password.
2. Secret question and answer (must be written on Japanese language, save him since you need it if your account experience problems.
3. Nickname.
4. Age.
5. Sex. (male/female)
6. Confirm.
7. If everything fine press it.

6. Check information and screenshot it or save somewhere.
Master X Master Registration Guide Japan
7. Press on 'ok' button few times.

Since we still need apply to the beta test enter Master X Master website  and press on blue button (Step 1). Now it will ask you to login (login - email that you used to register account) login and press blue button again. If you see long list and this in the bottom then everything ok.
Put random information and press on button.

If you see this error -
Master X Master Japanese Server Registration Guide
1. Press button, check email and put code below.
2. Your secret question answer.
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