Figureheads Open Beta Announced

Figureheads - Squad Based Mecha TPS (Third-person shooter) developed and published by Square Enix Japan.
Figureheads Japanese server will be out early March. Right now you can sign-up and join for the upcoming Pre-Open Beta.
Download Client - 24th February, Pre-Open Beta Schedule - 25th ~ 26th February.

In Figureheads you play for Squads and fight against enemy Squads, since you can't play for all your mechas in same time you need to give them orders and manually control one of them. Mechas have different classes - Assault, Heavy, Sniper, Support and more.

Gameplay -
Pre-Open Beta Sign-Up Guide
Enter scroll to bottom and press on big button in the middle.
figureheads pre-obt registrtion
If you already have Square Enix Japan move to Part 2.
Part 1.
1. Press on right button, scroll to bottom,  press on big button in the middle and fill required information.
square enix japan registration
2. After you pressed red button check your email and copy code 認証コード : 7K3CJP4K Your code will be different from this one, be sure to copy only code without Japanese text. Put him and press on button again.

Part 2.
Enter scroll to bottom and press on big button in the middle.
Press on left button, enter your account and press button few more times until you see 'Thank You!'.
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