Seven Knights - Japanese Server and New Update on Global Server

Seven Knights - Best 2015 Mobile TRPG developed by Netmarble. Game out on Android and iOS. One of best F2P games.
seven knight
Japanese Server -
Japanese Server will be released early February. You still have chance to get 300+ ruby, just put your email in box on official website If everything alright Netmarble send special code after Japanese server released.
seven knights japan
Japanese server very different compared to other servers so it better think that you play in a new game. I try to write more detail review when he will be out.

Global Server -
Recent update allowed us to use Topaz Shop, I think it better to save topaz for 'Special Hero Summon Table' when Netmarble put Emperors there.

World 9 update and new Emperor Wukong coming soon!

Yesterday Seven Knights Official Facebook page confirmed Wukong and that means we will see World 9 with him. What new units we can expect to see?

SoiOffensive27All allies immune to AOE damage for 3 turnsSingle target 180% +20% (targets max HP) damage,
triggers attack weakness
70 SecHits 3 enemies with 150% damage70 Sec
PungyeonMagic28Self Immunity from damage for 3 turns.Single target 600% damage.150 SecAOE 85% damage,
reduces total damage by 40%
72 Sec
QingtaoUniversal16Increase his critical and counterattack rate by 50%AOE 85% damage,
chance to stun + burn(50% dmg) for 2 turns
84 SecImmunity against physical damage for 3 turns, immune to CC110 Sec
RingRingMagic27Whenever an enemy dies, grants status immunity for 2 turns to all alliesSingle target 500% damage.120 SecHits 3 enemies with 140% damage,
reduces atk/magic power by 40%
76 Sec
MusongOffensive27Reduce his damage recieved by 50%Single target 200% damage,
always critical
70 SecAOE 140% damage,
high chance to stun
120 Sec
BaeglyongOffensive291. Revive with undead effect for 3 turns.
2. Increase his Critical chance & Counterattack Rate while on undead effect.
Single target 500% damage120 SecAOE 140% damage,
additonally removes active buffs
125 Sec
Soi with her passive killing all units who focus on AOE. Skills effects and numbers can be different for global server. Wukong been a bit weak on Korean server. Hope Netmarble changed him.

We also can expect to see 'gems', daily dungeon 4 level and world boss.
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