5 Upcoming Mobile Games From Famous Developers

TOP 5 Mobile Games that you want to play in 2016. Recently many game companies switched from developing PC games to Mobile games. Android and iOS games very popular and you can launch most of them on 100$ smartphone and even on PC.

1. Core Masters Mobile
Core Masters Mobile
Core Master been have PC version but it died very fast. PC version been your ordinary MOBA with nice anime style graphic. Android version will be Action RPG. Not much information except Trailer.
Core Masters Mobile

2. Project MNP Nexon mobile game based on Maple Story. Worth to play only if you like 'casual' games and Maple Story.
Project MNP
Game have both PVE and PVP modes. Probably P2W.

3. Braves
Action Side-Scrolling mobile game developed by XLGAMES (ArcheAge).
Braves have 3 classes for now - Warrior, Rogue and Wizard. Game features - Raids and PVP.
More info coming soon.

4. Dream of Mirror Mobile
Turn Based game developed by Softstar. DOMO one of first anime MMORPG that been published by aeria games and lived for many years until it finally been closed. Graphic look ok but animation average.

5. Heroes Wanted
Heroes Wanted Global Pre-Registration up. Game will be very popular since it published by toast.
Japanese version already out.
heroes wanted
Gameplay -
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