Sengoku Shura SOUL - Japanese RPG (Android, iOS)

Sengoku Shura SOUL (戦国修羅SOUL) will be out on Android and iOS next month. Sengoku Shura features real time battles and famous seiyuu (GACKT).
Sengoku Shura SOUL
Tired of Chinese themed games? Sengoku Shura - First high quality Japanese themed mobile game. Game story based on historical events.


Seiyuu List -

Akio Otsuka (Metal Gear Series: Solid Snake)
Kaji Yuki
Horie Yui
Haruka Tomatsu (Sword Art Online: Asuna)
Shinnosuke Tachiban
Ryusei Nakao

3D Cities, battles probably turn based with 3D attack animation. Cavalry > Archers > Spearman.
Game look very cool and can become popular. Check my youtube channel in December to watch gameplay videos.
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