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Tree of Savior Guild vs Guild and New Classes

G-Star 2015 ended today, I try to write about all games that been there next week. IMC Games released new Tree of Savior trailer for G-Star 2015, lets check new content that they showed us.
tree of savior g-star 2015
Trailer - New Classes -
1:54 - Musketeer (Archer)
tree of savior musketeer
tree of savior musketerr
1:54 - Snipe - 7s CD - Snipe a target on your screen from seemingly anywhere
1:59 - Covering fire - 15s CD - Use your musket like a machine gun, gunning down targets in front of you.

2:01 - Warlock (Wizard)
tree of savior warlock
tree of savior warlock
2:02 - Pole of Agony - 0s CD - Summon fire pillar like poles of darkness.
2:05 - Invocation - Unknown - Summons little dark flame like spirits
2:05 - Dark Surge - 10s CD - Surges the spirits forwards to attack enemies.

2:08 - Fencer (Swordsman)
tree of savior fencer
Check Tree of Savior database for information about Skills.

2:14 - Canonneer (Archer)
tree of savior canonneer
tree of savior canonneer
2:14 - Siege Burst - 40s CD - Lob cannon balls into the sky and down in an aoe on targets.
2:18 - Cannon Blast - 12s CD - Shoot your cannon directly in front of you doing mass aoe damage.

2:21 - Dragoon (Swordsman)
tree of savior dragoon
tree of savior dragoon
2:20 - Gaebulg - Seems like a spear throw - 10s CD - Must pick up spear after(?)
2:25 - Unknown - 20s CD - Charge an attack and hit an enemy X times (could be based on size or charge time?)

2:28 - Featherfoot (Wizard)
tree of savior featherfoot
tree of savior featherfoot
2:29 - Bloodsucking - 6s CD - Channeling skill - Drain life from targets in front of you.
2:32 - Bloodbath - 8s CD - Make a target bleed, if you or other players touch the blood, you get healed.

2:35 - Shinobi (Swordsman)
tree of savior shinobi
tree of savior shinobi
2:35 - Bunshin-no-jutsu - Clone skill - 30s CD - 15s duration - Consumes stamina
2:37 - Kunai - Unknown CD - 4 overheat charges - You and any clones shoot kunai in front of you.
2:39 - Katon-no-jutsu - 6s CD - Attack in a cone like area in front of you, similar to seism but much larger

2:42 - Kabbalist (Cleric)
tree of savior kabbalist
tree of savior kabbalist
2:42 - Gematria - 10s CD - Generates numbers, it's unknown what the effects of these numbers are or if its random.
2:45 - Merkabah - 7s CD - Shoot 3 flame wheely things.
2:46 - Revenged Sevenfold - Some form of a buff that lasts around ~60s.

2:49 - Plague Doctor (Cleric)
tree of savior plague doctor
tree of savior plague doctor
2:48 - Beak Mask - Put on the beak mask, it seems to mess with the overheat skills available to plague doctor.
2:51 - Incineration (or Fumigate?) - 8s CD - Burns targets in front of you.
2:54 - Unknown - 13s CD - Unknown.

2:56 - Templar (Swordsman)
tree of savior templar
Thanks to musicmf and FatePGN for information.
All new classes rank 7 except Fencer.

Guild vs Guild
Tree of Savior Guild vs Guild
Guild vs Guild vs Boss.
Emperium Tree of Savior
Probably something similar to Emperium in Ragnarök Online.

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