Seven Knights Global Interview with Netmarble

Seven Knights player who live in Indonesia Interviewed Netmarble and asked about Global server future.
You can find him in our facebook group

Ign Wayvalry -

So after having an interview with Netmarble about feedback and future of Seven Knights GA Server here some conclusion :
1. GA update will not always follow KR (for example Raid appear 1st before W8) i ask them about update order but they say its company secret and we only can guess what comes next.
2. 7k Revamp will follow later due to some balancing and many heroes still not appear yet (imagine Zombie in pvp on early patch)
3. Christmas event coming soon (on december of course) + many seasonal season in upcoming event
4. Facebook friends not appear will be fixed soon
5. Translation troubleshoot will be fixed soon
6. CR bug will be fixed soon
7. Coupon will appear soon but not on iOS lol xD *due to apple policy
8. They going to make more sexy oppai costumes. Developer loves oppai too muahaha xD !!!
9. There's every week update character, yes EVERY week, but big update will comes as a surprise without any date (of course they will post 1 week before)
10. More sales bundle soon just like in KR
Here a one of many souvenir i got from Netmarble as a proof. *internet rule no pic = hoax
Also Netmarble told him that May Package coming back very soon and they already thinking about implementing 'bigger' May Package just like on Korean server.
You can buy only 1 may package per month.

Topaz shop coming with one of the future updates. Lets check which items Korean topaz shop have.
Enhance 6 star gear to +1, Enhance accessory to +1. 100 Awakening crystals.
4 star Seven Knights Selector, Green Fairy (You can use it to Transcend any Hero except Seven Knights and Emperors), Purple Fairy (Unlock character equipment slot).
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