Seven Knights Global Server

Seven Knights Global Server been announced last week. Seven Knights is a very good mobile (android and iOS) Tactic RPG published by Netmarble. I spend around 9 Months on Korean server and I love it.
Seven Knights Global Server
Closed Beta Test already started - June 17th 03:00 - June 30th 03:00 [UTC+00]
To play in it you must join Google+ group, wait 5~ minutes and download game from this link
Short info about Seven Knights Global Server CBT - Wipe after CBT confirmed, iOS version coming soon, 3-6 card (KR version) turned in 2-6 card (Some people think that it only temporary because we got very old game version and have not much playable characters compared to KR version), some rewards amount lowered if I not wrong, can queue skills up to 3, guild war still not released but we can see it in menu, new arena rewards.

Gameplay -

Cash Shop Cards -
Seven Knights cash shop
Daily reward (28 day reward - you can chose one of seven knights) -
Seven Knights daily reward
Weekly Arena Rewards -
Seven Knights arena rewards
1 lvl guild daily rewards (guild rewards depend on attendance and guild lvl)  -
Seven Knights daily guild reward
Hot Time (x2 rewards) -
Seven Knights Hot Time
Mastery (you must each skill with ruby (cash shop money that you can get from leveling characters to max level) -
Seven Knights Mastery
Tower, Arena, Castle Rush (you must do it to level your guild) and Guild War -
Seven Knights Castle Rush
Settings (always chose x3) -
Seven Knights Global Server Settings
After OB start I post list with all changes that I find compared to Korean version.
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