Inspirit Online - Anime Action RPG

Inspirit Online (Also known as ELOA) -  Anime Action RPG developed by ESTA Games and English server published by GRE Ltd. Korean server launched in January.
Inspirit Online
Inspirit Online Features -
1. Point & Click control or only Keyboard control.
2. Transcend system allow us to get more stats even if we reach lvl cap.
3. 3 Race - Kartu, Liru and Sapiens.
4. 4 Classes with 3 available weapons for each class -
Inspirit Online
5. PvP - 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 and 12vs12. PvP balance based on players feedbacks.
Wonder if we gonna see 'please nerf' threads all time just like in Echo of Soul right now.
6. No gender/race/class lock.
7. No IP blocks.
8. 2 game servers. EU and NA.
9. Players can transform into 'Lords'.
In Korean and probably in our game version we can see playable (?) characters or costumes from other games.
Delonse from Seven Knights -
Inspirit Online Delonse
Closed Beta Test start on 26th June. To play in it you must get CBT key but since this game actually become somewhat popular its better if you look for keys giveaway on official facebook page.

Inspirit Online Screenshots and Videos -
Inspirit Online - Anime Action RPG

Inspirit Online - Anime Action RPG
Character Customization - Female Dark fighter Gameplay -
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