Tree of Savior IP block, 4 New Classes and Information About CBT3

After CBT2 and very successful Steam Greenlight ToS developers decide to answers on some questions about game future. Looks like they really want this game to become top 2015-2016 Anime MMORPG.
Tree of Savior IP block
IP block

Tree of Savior English Server have IP block. Currently blocked countries - Korea and China.
They blocked because incGAMES signed contracts with game companies (Nexon in Korea) in this countries.

That means if Country A game company sign contract with imcGAMES then Country A players can't access steam version with they IP. To bypass IP block you can use VPN/Proxy.
Tree of Savior 4 new classes
New ToS Class Names Discovered Within Database

After checking ToS fan forum I find topic with new class names. I think I heard about some of them before but Lancer and Panzer for first time. I still find it a bit weird why some classes have german names and not baltic/slav names.

Lancer (Swordsman)
Dragoon (Swordsman)
Musketeer (Archer)
Panzer (Swordsman)
Tree of Savior mouse control
CBT3 Information

After tons request from players developers decide to add mouse control in game.

Other updates -
Class Masters now placed in villages.
Developers add some skill animation later.
'Jump and attack' stay. Now it one of the the features.
'Battle speed' already at maximum. Maybe in future we can expect more fast paced combat but not now.
In CBT3 devs planning to add 'party search'.
'Helper' - you can recruit NPC and temporarily switch between him and your character. They been plan to add this in CBT2 but something went wrong.

Because many new features CBT3 delayed. Right now imcGAMES decide to start FGT2 or CBT3.
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