Astral Realm (星界神話) - New X-Legend Game

X-Legend just announced new PC game - Astral Realm (星界神話). TW CCB going start on May 7 and require key.
TW OBT probably - June or Jule. After TW server we can expect HK and JP server.
Astral Realm X-Legend
English Facebook Fan Group, Love Astral Realm Art? Check Gallery!
Storyline a bit weird so lets wait until official translation.
Game have 9 classes and you can change them anytime you want (Similar to Eden Eternal). Your main level going stay same even if you change class.
Astral Realm characters
Astral Realm monster
Astral Realm graphic
Combat System
Not much information right now except few screenshots -
Astral Realm wrestling skills
Astral Realm monsters close combat
Astral Realm close combat
Astral Realm combo
星界神話 skills
Retro-style design world map -
星界神話 world map
Astral Realm world map
Astral Realm going have house system right from start. House have 3 floors with craft npc on them. Like always you can decorate your house.
Astral Realm house
Astral Realm cottage
In previous X-Legend games they been called Eidolons, Kitsu and just pets.
Astral Realm protoss
Tired of PVE/PVP?
In Astral Realm you can gather herbs, fishing, craft food and a lot more!
Astral Realm fishing
More info coming soon!
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