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Astral Realm - latest MMORPG developed by X-Legend (Kitsu Saga, Eden Eternal, Grand Fantasia, Aura Kingdom and few more games). In this guide you learn how to play in Astral Realm 【星界神話】on Taiwan server. RIGHT NOW TW SERVER HAVE IP BLOCK
If you still want to play on TW server you must use Taiwanese VPN.

We going register site account (PART 1) and game account (PART 2). If you already have site account then just move to PART 2.

Site account.
1. Enter main website
2. Press
Astral Realm 【星界神話】
3. Fill registration form (login must be written in lowercase, for name just copypaste something on chinese, id - look in comments and for phone put something like 886******* until it accept it) and press on big button in the bottom to confirm.
Astral Realm 【星界神話】
4. To register game account you must select game (Select Astral Realm when game out) and press on blue button. Since we can't select game right now you can use this link to register
Astral Realm 【星界神話】 registration guide
Game account.
For that part you must have cellphone (smartphone, mobile phone) or just regular home phone (not sure if they work).
1. Select game and fill registration form. After that press confirm.
Astral Realm 【星界神話】 registration guide taiwan server
2. Now you gonna see that window -
3. Now you need to call 6606-2000 (Taiwan number). To call Taiwan you must visit this website chose your country and see what you need to call.
Astral Realm 【星界神話】 cellphone taiwan confirmation
I call - 810886266062000 (Works only for Russia) and it worked.
If you live in USA try - 011886266062000
If you live in Philippines try - 00886266062000

Now wait 1-5 minutes and write your phone number in 2 box.
Astral Realm 【星界神話】 phone number confirmation look what you need to write before your number.
0027yourcellphonenumber - Russia
0021yourcellphonenumber - USA
00263yourcellphonenumber - Philippines


4. After that press on 3 button and if everything right you see that -
Astral Realm 【星界神話】 registration guide
Astral Realm 【星界神話】 registration guide
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