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Metal Buster

Metal Buster is a android beat 'em up game about robots.

metal buster
Android version
iOS version
Facebook group you can ask question there.
Around 20 different robots that have different ranks C>B>A>S>SS,  you can  upgrade all robots to SS  rank but it going take some time.  When you get them to new rank one of skills will be modified as a  new skill.  Like all  f2p phone  games it have lottery where you can get exclusive high rank robots  but since we don`t have full  skill list idk  if they great or just fine.  You can  get cash shop point by logging each day/do daily  quest (need check that again, not sure now)/do missions/from friend point lottery.  Atm i saving them to buy custom pilot Astana who have 10% bonus to gold and points, she cost 100 cs points. Game work on Bluestack.

Game have 3 modes -
1: Mission one,  each of them give cash points  for first time finish, high lvl ones  very hard without luck/high skill.
2: Unlimited Mode, here you going spend  most of your time

Basically mode for grind.
3: PvP mode,  only 1 vs 1 with mobs  from both sides.  I been try enter pvp for few days  but never get there =\  some people  have similar problem.
Metal Buster

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