Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard

Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard is a beautiful side scrolling action games that currently only on android.   Bluestack work only if you turn off all in game settings.
Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard
Android - Link
iOS - Link
update: Now you can almost fully (no skill 3 and no skill 4) play on bluestack!
Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard
Right now game have 3 servers, you get on server from your geolocation. Example: you play from Thailand, after you first time start game they put you on asia server.
You can change server by writing /setloc 1 in general chat.
1 - US 2 - Asia 3 - EU
Characters have levels   but they share to all your characters.
Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard

2 basic classes available from start - slasher and ranger. For gold you can  buy magician, others only for cash shop.  You can get free  cash shop point by daily login rewards (not sure if it only for  month or they going repeat it each month),  by pressing free refill in cash shop menu you can do offers (do only video/download game ones),  by doing hard mode dungeons (only first time completing give crystals), completing some quests and be top in 50%+  in arena ranking. Also i been read on they facebook about sorcerer class   but admins removed her in open beta,  better save cash shop points and wait for her.
Game have 3 modes:
1. pve normal/hard dungeons,  you can do them solo or in party (one of players become host so it can be very laggy)
2. 1 vs 1 arena
3. workshop dungeon,  that mode have *auto play* function.
Soul Arts system
Basically it gears. Without proper soul arts it can be very hard to do dungeon. Each soul art card have monster on it, you can transform in them while you doing super attack.   You can get them from monsters,  bosses and cash shop. You can  fuse them and evolve.
After you finish newbie dungeon game ask you to buy crystal booster pack for 30 cash shop points,  if you don`t want do this just close game and open again.
What you must do to be successful at raids
First step to make you stronger is to level/get new  soul arts.  Get few  cards  in newbie dungeon and start farm special dungeon workshop (beginner).
If you select raid dungeon  you can see what boss going have affinity and to hit him harder your soul arts must have same affinity.
After you farm orbs and chose your * (one star) cards (soul arts)   lvl them to ** (two star) and 10 lvl.
Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard

Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard
Make 5 different cards and you ready for raids.
Card level system
Basically 1 star card = 10 levels max.
2 star card = 20 levels max.
7 star card = 70 levels max.
Card evolution
Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard

You can evolve only cards with EVO on it, evolution required base evo card and second card (card requirement can be different but it always  must have evo and same affinity) Cards from 4+ * have chance to fail evo  (very big one - -)  but you never lose your base card.
You can get orbs in workshop dungeons and to get evolution stone (need for some evo) you must do Tower of Evolution or any dungeon that have that stone in drop.
Cards can be evolved only one time.
Fusion system
To make higher level card you must chose fuse.
Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard

NoEVO  - card who can`t be evolved and have max level.   To make one ***(3) star evo card you must fuse 3 *** star  NoEVO cards.
Rune system
Is you press on your character name you can see menu with runes. Half slots open and other slots require 50 crystals per slot.
You can buy runes from shop npc, low lvl rune require A rune x20.  You can get them by doing daily quest.
Ranking system
Arena ranking.
You can see rewards list in game, it crystals atm but admins can change reward in future. Always aim to be in 1-3% or even in top 10.  Each win give 10 points and lose 3 points.
Ranking period right now 5/1 ~ 5/15,  lets hope we can get 2 rewards per month.
Dungeon Ranking.
1 place get 5-6 star boosters, really great reward but it only for one player, others get gold.   You can get dungeon points by doing dungeons, hard mode give more points.
Ranking period  5/1 ~ 5/15
Guild Ranking.
Gold for each member,  to get guild points you must do special dungeon that available when guild wars on.
It 3 minute limit dungeon when you must do tons of dmg to boss, you can do dungeon that unlimited times while guild war on.
Ranking period  5/15 ~ 5/17
Colosseum ranking.
Not much info atm.
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