Echo of Soul - English version going to be published by Aeria Games in Spring 2015

Echo of Soul is a MMORPG developed by Nvius and already published in Korea, China and Thailand. English version going be published by Aeria Games in Spring 2015. Game Engine - Unreal 3. Aeria still not give us information whats going to be in our version so lets check other versions.
echo of soul aeria games
1. Asian versions have gender lock.

2. Echo of Soul have 5 playable classes.

Archer, Warrior, Guardian, Assassin, Mage.

3. Arena.

4. 20 man Raid.

5. In Korean online games ranking it on 28th place.
Echo of Soul

Overall Echo of Soul look very similar to old MMO games and if Aeria Games somehow manage to remove gender lock it have big chances to become popular game.
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