Dragomon Hunter just get a very cool update that brings us 500 vs 500 (yes, one thousand players) pvp. You can use a lot different mounts in the battlefield. National War (I think 500vs500 arena called that) Trailer.
Dragon Slayer Online 500 vs 500
National War Schedule - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Start at 20:50 and end at 21:30. (I am not sure if it right information)
Dragomon Hunter - 500 vs 500 battlefield
Players can choose between red and blue camp. Top players (in overall national war ranking? high levels?) can become commander and officers and get exclusive battle mounts. (I think that battle mounts give special skills but not sure) “Average” players also can get battle mount. When player defeated his battle mount disappear. Nation War prizes - dragon jade and jewelry.
Dragomon Hunter - 500 vs 500 battlefield

Golden equipment out! to wear it you must be - 50 character level and 70 DS level.

Still no information about English server.

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