X-Hero - X-Legend Games announced new game on android and iOS

X-Hero - upcoming mobile game that developed by X-Legend Games and Changyou. Game will be out on Android and iOS in November. Trailer that show us Gameplay.
X-Hero X-Legend Games
Game features -

X-Hero - X-Legend Games
We going see many different heroes and 40 different skills.
X-Hero - X-Legend Games
You can mix up hero skills and attributes.
X-Hero - X-Legend Games
Build a strongest hero! Hit max level, collect special items, enhance the overall strength of the hero and become most powerful player. (I am fear that we going be forced to level all heroes and skills to make strong character)
X-Hero - X-Legend Games

Gameplay similar to browser games and probably it have only auto battles.

You can check X-Hero Facebook group to read latest news.
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