Taiwan game forum

Taiwan game forum
Many people ask me how to search for information on Taiwan game forums, let's see how to do it at http://www.gamer.com.tw/

First, to translate from Chinese to English I use a chrome browser with its auto-translate function.  You can use any other translate things but it most easy to use.

Site has many information but let's move to forum http://forum.gamer.com.tw/
I translate pics with chrome so they going on English.
Taiwan game forum
There very long list with games,  lets press more on online games. http://forum.gamer.com.tw/rank.php?c=400

39 pages atm, to search game you must copy Chinese game name and put in the search window or search manually.  Most popular games on the first page.
Let's search the Aura Kingdom,  to do it write 幻想神域 in the search window and press enter/button around the search window.
Taiwan game forum gamer.com.tw
Press on Article List.
gamer com tw
All topics - 全部主題 - like it say it show all topics that written on aura kingdom forum.

General - 綜合討論 - General discussion

Bug - BUG討論 - bugs and errors

Sword and - 劍盾 - Guardian

Pole - 雙刀 - Duelist

Ax with - 雙手斧 - Ravager

Spear - 雙槍 - Gunslinger

Guns - 火砲 - Grenadier

Hands - 雙手杖 - Wizard

Law books - 法書 - Sorcerer

Harp - 豎琴 - Bard

Katar - 拳刃 - Brawler

Bow - 戰弓 - Warbow

Too knife - 太刀 - Samurai

Sickle  - 鐮刀 - Necromancer

Computer - 電腦網路 - Computer related questions

Creation of  - 創作天地 - creative section

Achievement - 成就攻略 - PvE section

Source - 源神 - eidolon section on forum

Tower sky - 天空之塔- sky tower

Live share - 實況分享 - links to streams

Trading - 交易專區 - non-cash trade section

Official - 官方資訊 - Official announcements  game updates/item mall/events

Team - 團隊招募 - Guild recruitment section

Board - 板務相關 - About forum,  nothing interesting.

Wishing - 許願建議- Suggestions

Complain - 抱怨抒發 - Complaints about game

Kidseasor - 啟源墓地 - deleted/locked articles

Topics with pics have that icon -
Taiwan game forum After you enter the topic press on Click to view image to see image.taiwan gamer.com.tw
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