Aura Kingdom Japanese server also know as Innocent World.
Aura Kingdom Japanese server registration
Game site -

Enter here to register  and chose  facebook/google/twitter.

To login in game you must have IE (or IE TAB for other browsers) and japanese proxy.  press on game download and install game.
proxy:  WTFast (working) it  have  trial  so you can check before buy (30 days first time)
To enter game with WTFast - open wtfast with that settings
Aura Kingdom - Japanese server
and press play, after that you see patcher and than site, login on site and press game start. After that you going see channel selection. If it failed try that - login on genshin site in IE > start wtfast with settings above, when gamesite appear try enter account and press game start.
—————————————————————————————————————————————— free vpn, not working on my computer so i can`t check it.

If both failed you always can try that vpn

Current updates -

After login for first time you need to input your secondary password. Put 111111 111111.

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