Aura Kingdom is a new x-legend game, anime style mmorpg that features big PVE content, fine looking world, and an annoying story.
Aura Kingdom - information about game
It also have some PVP content (5 vs 5, 50 vs 50 and duels, guild wars probably not coming) but like in all previous x-legend games its not main point.
Game have 12 game classes and we getting more in future. Currently there 6 servers, english server hosted by aeria games (seven games now), GM team from germany but server located in Canada.

  1. NA server

  2. France server

  3. Hong Kong server

  4. Japan server

  5. China server

  6. Thailand server

Q. Is there IP block on english server?

A. No.

Q. Is there any private game servers?

A. yep, you can search him by google but if you decide to play there  make sure to not use login/pass that you use in other games/sites.

Q. Is it heavy item mall game?

A. How else?  you still can play for free but it can take some time to make +20 gears.

Q. On what should i spend real money?

A. Before spending $ aka aeria point ask high level player or create topic on forum.

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